Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15 seconds or local fame

For those in the group who don't read The Lawrence Journal-World, here's a link to the article naming me the winner of the first ever LJW NaNoWriMo. The podcast was cool. More on this in the next PL.

In case you need something to read or listen to.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rediscovered comics

So, here's the back story... I didn't really explicitly explain in the video.

About 7 or 8 years ago, I asked my Dad to keep a box of my best comics in his and Mom's room, separate from the rest of my collection, which resided in my Mom and Dad's basement. Why? Just to have it someplace separate. You know, basements, humidity, etc.

A year or two later, I went to check on the comics, and they were gone.

I asked Mom and Dad, but they didn't recall moving those comics.

Downstairs, I had about 20 long boxes of comics.

Slowly, I started moving the comics back to Lawrence. The "best comics" never turned up. I was down to the last 5 boxes. These boxes were buried on a bar that my mom and dad have in their basement.

When I opened box # 3 down on the bar, in my mind, I told myself, "This isn't the box." From what I knew of my collection, this box contained my DC comics, letters G through S.

I opened the box, looked at the first comic. Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 3. As you know, that is not a DC comic, nor does it belong in the G through S box.

Then I saw my complete run of Tales of Suspense, # 58 through # 99 .

Then, finally... I found my Amazing Spider-Man collection.

Man, I almost cried. I really thought these comics were gone, after having gone missing for so long.

Why were they down there on the bar top? I don't know. Was I the one who put them there? I sure don't remember moving them down there. And my Dad didn't recall ever moving them.

How they got down there remains a mystery. What is important is that they are now back in my collection, where they should be.

Now, to scour eBay for a better condition issue of Tales of Suspense # 73....

Friday, December 11, 2009

ROAD TRIP! (for 20,000 comics!)

Saw this auction on eBay:

20,000 comics 1983 - 2005 avg NM- 9.2 Pick up only!
No Reserve!! Opening bid FIFTY CENTS! For ALL of them!

Item condition: --

Time left: 9 days 7 hours (Dec 20, 200920:00:44 PST)

Bid history: 0 bids[Refresh]

There is only one condition: You must pick them up IN PERSON in NEW JERSEY!

OK, gas money to New Jersey... in something large enough to get 20,000 comics back to Kansas... (what is that, 70 long boxes?)

Who's coming with me???

Here's the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/20-000-comics-1983-2005-avg-NM-9-2-Pick-up-only_W0QQitemZ400091118277QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item5d2749fac5

Monday, November 30, 2009


Rules of the Death Pool:

Each player selects 50 names. The pool of all names selected by all the participating players is called the Master List. (Living people only; no animals, cartoons, comic strip characters, etc.)

The deadline for entries for the 2010 Death Pool is midnight (PST), Monday, December 31th, 2009. Each player's list must be submitted to Marlan Harris before the deadline to be considered eligible for play. $10 must accompany your entry. Payment in cash or by personal check is acceptable. Payment by Paypal is also acceptable -- e-mail Mar for details. (And if you pay by Paypal, see if you can throw in an extra buck, since I have to pay a fee whenever someone sends money that way.)

An indecipherable or confusing name will be considered to be the closest and most logical name available (for example, "P. Diddy" would be considered to be Sean "Puffy"/"Diddy" Combs). A proper, legal name is not necessary as long as that is the way the person is popularly known (for example, Eazy E).

Submission of the list can be done in person or sent by e-mail. A typed, numbered, and alphabetized list is preferable but a handwritten list is also acceptable as long as it is legible. Submission of your list to the Death Pool head is considered final and you will be unable to change your list after you submit it. In the event of doubling of names in the same list, the extra name will be discarded and a replacement will not be requested or accepted once the list is submitted. In the event of a list submitted with more than 50 names, the last names on the list after the first 50 will be discarded and replacements will not be requested or accepted once the list is submitted. In the event of a person on the submitted list already being dead, the name will be discarded and a replacement will not be requested or accepted once the list is submitted. In the event of the death of a person on the submitted list occuring between when the list is submitted and the contest officially begins, a replacement name will be accepted.

The duration of the Death Pool is from January 1 through December 31 of the year 2010.

When a death is mentioned in Time, Newsweek, The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and/or People publications, the name of the deceased is checked against the Master List. If there is a "Hit" in the Master List, each player who picked the "Hit" is awarded points. More than one player is allowed to select the same "Hit" and each will receive the full amount of points regardless of how many players picked the same name. Deaths are also checked against the Dead People Server, which will be at http://www.dpsinfo.com/dps/2010.html#top. Also, eligible deaths can be reported on www.cnn.com or the websites of any of the publications above.

Points are calculated as follows: 100 minus the "Hit's" age. For example: When Ronald Regan died, he was 93 years old; he was worth 7 points. When Ol' Dirty Bastard died, he was 35 years old; he was worth 65 points. If the "Hit" is 100 years old or older, zero points are awarded.

A death must be featured in Time, Newsweek, The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and/or People magazines or appear on the Dead People Server for points to be awarded. The date of death must occur within the duration of play (regardless of when the death is announced). Time of death will be determined by the time zone of the location of death (for deaths occurring on December 31st). Deaths must be published in Time, Newsweek, The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and/or People magazines or appear on the Dead People Server or the websites of any of the publications above, as well as cnn.com, on or before January 15th the following year in order to score points.

The player with the most points at the end of the duration of the Death Pool is the winner. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be the player that has the youngest "Hit". If all of the tied players have the youngest "Hit", the next youngest "Hit" in succession will be the tie breaker, and so on. If the players each had the exact same "Hits," then the players will share the winnings, divided equally among them.

The winner, decided by a panel of judges at the end of the duration of the Death Pool, wins the total amount of money contributed by all players. The exact amount depends on the number of players.

There will be a web page which will list the current point standings of players and Master List and the address of that page will be provided to all players once play begins. The page will be updated with near-disconcerting frequency.

Please feel free to distribute this to more people and invite as many other players as you can, as long as they get their list and $10 to Marlan before the appointed deadline and abide by these rules.

Failure or refusal to abide by the rules above will be grounds for ejection of the player from the game. All disputes will be settled by the person(s) running the Death Pool and decisions will be deemed final.

To participants of the previous year(s): please submit a new list just like you were a new player coming into the contest. You may use some, all, or none of the names you have already used in previous lists. If you participated in last year's bout, you can also request that your list from last year be rolled over without submitting a full list but only if no changes are made.

50 names. 10 bucks. By December 31. That's it. That's all you have to do.

If you have any questions, contact Marlan at MAR93@aol.com.

(Note: your overly conservative/dull girlfriend/wife doesn't have to know you're involved in this. You can play under a different name. You can even pick the fake name. And you can still enjoy all the money you've won at the end of the competition all the same and she won't ever have to know.)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick reminder: short stories

Hey, you remember that you can read my short stories on the web at JasonArnett dot com, right?

"The Insulated Man" has been significantly re-written since it appeared in Pulp Legacy. Love to hear what you all think.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

About some comics and my writing

As usual, cross-posted from my LiveJournal

* Terry Moore's new series, ECHO, is one hell of a ride. If you liked Strangers in Paradise, this is very different. It has a very HBO kind of feel to it. The art is typically gorgeous and the dialogue is real. Highly recommended.

* Nearly hit 9000 words last night on my NaNoWriMo work, so I'm doing well with my improved goal of 2000 words a day (at least to start off) and I'm happy with how it's coming along. Since doing NaNo last year, I've written 11 short stories for an estimated total of about 62,000 words and 111,000 including the NaNovel. I don't think that's a bad total at all. Averaging 9250 a month.

* I'm proud of that.

* Thinking ahead, I'd really like to have 250,000 words total under my belt this time next year. I am confident that I can get that. (This year's NaNovel target word count is 60,000, which means another 80,000 from December 2009 through October 2010.)

* The Long Range will finish up (for me) around late February/early March. I know what I'm writing after that, but haven't put any framework around it. I like having a format (6000 words, four 1500 word chapters per story) and I think that's helped me. What one may not realize yet is that The Long Range is really a novel.

* Speaking of which, November's story, "The Insulated Man" started yesterday. Have you read it yet? Tell me what you think.

* I read the Mister X Archives by Dean Motter & Co. (including Los Bros Hernandez and Seth) as published by Dark Horse Comics and am now reading The Umbrella Academy: Dallas by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. These two books are among the most subversive comics ever with ideas such as Psychetecture and time traveling assassins. The only book that's missing from this mix is Matt Fraction's Casanova, which is on a hiatus while MF writes a bunch of best-selling superhero books for Marvel. I should probably get the last of his run on The Immortal Iron Fist, too, because that's superhero stuff that is at least sympatico with his independent work. IIF would also really work well as a film.

* I'm signed up for a blog on NaNo with my local paper and awaiting some word on what's going on with it. More info as it comes along.

* Have I mentioned what my NaNovel is about?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh, god --- make it stop

Cross-posted from my LiveJournal:

I have an idea.

God help me, I have an idea. Of course this comes to me as I'm cranking up to start writing a novel in 30 days, so I'm dumping it here for later in December.

There needs to be a physical version of The Long Range short stories. Paper's easy to manipulate, easy to pick up and take with you. Paper is familiar and comfortable. It's also expensive and ephemeral and it's hard to share without the possibility of losing it. Or the cat barfing on it.

It's also limited.

So --- what? What do I do instead of paper?

What if I put the stories, complete with the icon I've been using on the site, into a pdf, enclosed an MP3 and a quick video intro?

What if I dropped these on CD, stuck a site logo and the address on it and left them laying around? You know, for free to pick up and take home?

They're less expensive but more time-consuming. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I think this might be an idea worth pursuing. If I did twenty copies of each story, then that's twenty copies floating around for someone to print the story off if they like, or to upload under the Creative Commons license I've attached to each story.

It needs some more thought, but that's it in a nutshell. Tell me what you think, will you? Hell, I'd probably even send a few out of the country if there were some willing helpers.

We'll see.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween, Strippers!

Has Marvel gone too far? Or not far enough?
Marvel Costumes
(with credit to Heitmeyer, who called me on not including a hyperlink to an article a few entries back)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Dangerous Idea

Cross-posted from La Villa Ajasont:

I read the article about Jim Steranko's appearance at Baltimore ComicCon over at CBR today.

Here's an idea: those of us that love Jim Steranko's work would like to see him do more comics in the way that Steranko SHOULD do comics. "You guys should pay me so I can finish this stuff," he said at one point.

Yeah, we should.

Jill Sobule and some other musicians have appealed to their fan bases to help them make a record. Why couldn't the same thing be done for Steranko? He posts a pitch for the book he'd like to do on his web page and then we contribute to help him out to make his page rate. Different contributions get your name mentioned, or even an appearance as a character.

I'll bet you that Image, at least and probably a couple other publishers, would agree to publish the book if Steranko finishes it.

The catch is this: just because you contribute doesn't mean you get the book for free and you certainly don't own any rights to the work, that's all Steranko. It might, however, get you a discount on the purchase (Steranko's part of the pie, maybe) and a signed copy and a thank you in the book.

This could work. I know it would work for someone like Byrne if we wanted him to finish John Byrne's Next Men comic. The idea is that for the fans to pay for the work to be done so that we can enjoy it and have it and to not have artists say "I need to make a page rate" and stop doing a work. It takes an excuse away if there are enough people to make the page rate that the artist can live with.

Something to think about anyway.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Cross-posted from my LiveJournal:

We went to see Where the Wild Things Are yesterday.

Going in, I didn't want the film to be longer than 90 minutes. 80 minutes was probably my desired length, but no more than 90 to be sure. The trailers had convinced me that Spike Jonze had approached the film with a reverence that was appropriate, and the fact that Maurice Sendak was fully supportive and involved also convinced me that I needed to see this. Not least of all the influences on me seeing it was my love of the source material.

I don't need to have a literal translation of a book or comic to enjoy a film of it. All I need is for the film to capture the spirit of the story.

Where the Wild Things Are is a wonderful film. It perfectly captures the confusion of childhood and the escape that imagination affords. There are literal translations of the book into the film, the wild rumpus for instance, but it's the expansion of the story that makes it so good. The Wild Things are just that. Despite having names and speaking parts, the Wild Things are pure emotion. They are the emotions that Max has felt and experienced from others, and they're as confusing in personification as they are in life.

The farther the viewer is away from childhood, the more likely one is to appreciate the sentiments that Jonze has put into the film. Viewers under the age of 35 may need a few more years experience to understand what he's done here, but I came away from the theater having fully enjoyed myself. I laughed, I gasped and I cried. I left full of happiness and joy.

This is not a kid's movie, this is a movie about being a kid. It's something that not enough people have valued and may never understand. From a parent's perspective, there are moments that will scare the daylights out of younger children on the big screen. This is a PG movie, not for swearing or any of the things that we've come to expect, but for IDEAS that challenge us as viewers. For the brief moments of in-your-face scary violence.

The Wild Things, as I noted above, are wild things. I also mentioned at the start of this that 'we' went to see the film. This was me and my wife, two adults in their 40s, who went. There were lots of children, but I think the adults and parents (not necessarily mutually exclusive) enjoyed it more than the kids.

Don't expect a 90 minute version of the book. Expect a film that's evolved from a beloved book. Go in with your eyes and your mind wide open and look to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Esquire Fiction Contest

Well it's over and I didn't win, as I expected.

What did I get out of it? A four thousand word story I wouldn't have written otherwise. Not a bad thing to have, and certainly a cool exercise.

I'm disappointed, to be sure, but not so much I wouldn't do it again. What I'll do now is pick that story up after I finish NaNoWriMo and seriously edit it in December, then see about submitting it elsewhere, perhaps to Ellery Queen or Alfred Hitchcock or somewhere else.

Why not?

I'll put the submitted version in my next 'zine for your perusal, but I recommend you do check out the winning story here.

Was this misleading?

Prizes and Approximate Retail Values: One (1) Winner will receive $2500.00 and have his or her entry published in a future issue of Esquire (ARV: Priceless). Total Approximate Retail Value: $2500.00. Winner will be notified via phone, e-mail or postal mail, at Sponsor's discretion, on or about December 31, 2009. Winner's List: For winner's name, send a separate self-addressed, stamped envelope to Esquire Fiction. 300 West 57th Street. 21st floor. New York, NY 10019 by January 31, 2010.

I'm not complaining, but I didn't expect the winning story to be published in mid-October after an August 1 deadline. Seems like they might've decided on September 1, actually.

I applaud the winner who got the $2500 and the publishing credit. Me? I got a story I wouldn't have written otherwise.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plagiarist Exposed

There's a person going by the name of Richard Ridyard who has blatantly ripped off Stephen King and Angel Zapata in order to get publishing credits. This broke on on Tuesday and as of this morning it appears that Ridyard's 'work' has been effectively wiped from the internet.

Bully to the writing community for moving so quickly to expose this fraudulent behavior. In the digital age, even with Creative Commons licenses, it's important to protect your work and when someone sees something that's obviously plagiarized it's important to speak up.

I'm going to cross-post this on my LJ, and if you all would spread the word through the other communities you frequent, it'll make it that much harder for guys like 'Ridyard' and Josh Hoopes to do this kind of swindling.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script"

An interview with the screenwriter of A History of Violence about reading work by amateur writers. It concerns screenwriting but it could just as easily apply to comics scripts or any kind of creative writing:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Writing Blog (Or Not)

I had planned to run my own writing blog but I think I'm going to declare it a dead project. It's been a while since I set it up and I clearly just haven't gotten around to doing it. I even have a site on Livejournal set up (so you can see how long it's been). I've not produced a lot of new stuff that I want to show off in such a place and anything I do write would probably be better served going elsewhere. But there were some things I had planned for it and I think that stuff would be just fine -- if not better -- posted here. If there's any reaction to it, I might post some other articles and resources for writers, since I know that's a main interest among my fellows who visit and post on this blog.

So this was going to the best second entry on my writing blog (the first being an introduction, which might still be up there but I don't even remember the name of the blog to go and look):
An interview with Elvis Costello on songwriting that I think has a lot of parts that are analogous to writing and creating in general:
(Thanks to Rick Cortes for sending it.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good news: 1 billion people qualified to write Captain America!

This paragraph kicks off Wizard # 216's coverage of "Captain America Reborn."
So, apparently being a military brat gives Brubaker "serious cred" to write Captain America.
This is like saying I'm qualified to continue Neil Gaiman's Sandman because I frequently have dreams.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Pulp Legacy

Hi, all,

I won't have anything in the new issue of PL because I just flat ran out of time. I was considering for a while taking a leave and then probably just leaving the APA, but I don't want to do that. You guys have been good to me and I really enjoy being part of it. (Thanks to Seth and Zarko for the support!)

Instead, what I'll do is post a few things up here over the next six weeks or so and share some different things. I want to play with audio and video a little and it might be more appropriate to post those things here anyway.

So, I'm sorry I don't have a bunch of content for the new issue but it's really just a matter of not making the time to get things in shape to share them before the deadline.

I promise I'll have things in the next issue. At the very least I want to share the story I submitted for the Esquire fiction contest. Dunno what I"ll do with it once I get notification I didn't win, maybe try to sell it somewhere else. We'll see.

Looking forward to the new issue, though.



Make Mine....Disney??

Perhaps now we'll see that Donald Duck/Howard the Duck crossover....

Friday, August 21, 2009

I got my name in print!

You gotta take your fame where you can. In this case, my fame comes from having a question answered on the Comic Book Legends Revealed blog on CBR (this would be the second time I've been included in a CBR article...thanks to Seth for the first time around). Anyhoo, Comic Book Legends Revealed is one of the best weekly articles on CBR, you should check it out. And while you're doing so, check out my 15 seconds of fame here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Stories for Free

Hey, all --- just wanted to remind you that the stories I've been sharing with you in PL are up online for everyone to read for free at JasonArnett dot com. If someone (like anyone you know) likes 'em enough to want to have a PDF copy of the stories, they can be had for only forty-nine American cents.

Anything you can do to help me out and get some readers is much appreciated. All comments are welcome!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's the newest movie from Pulp Legacy Studios! And perhaps our best yet...

  • Written, filmed, edited and produced in 48 hours
  • Entrant in the Summer '09 Wild West Film Festival
  • Necessary props, according to the rules; buttons, ice cream, sunblock and "a giant ___"
  • Premiered at Liberty Hall on the big screen last Friday
  • No animals, real or fictional, were harmed during the making of this film

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SDCC, here we come!

Who am I going to see this weekend? Mar? Brian? Ande? Caleb? Stan Lee? Anyone else?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Howdy Guys and Gals

So, in a recent post I announced that I had myself a website.
Now on said website, I have a gallery of images of which I've taken part.
Right now it's kinda temporary until I can figure out this nifty image gallery internet tool thinger- called Lightbox.



Monday, July 6, 2009

Being a geek just got a whole lot less cool

WTF?? So, the Sci-Fi Channel is changing it's name to "SyFy"...Seriously? I mean, really? That name looks like the atomic symbol for syphillis. Why is it that the geeks of the world can't catch a break? We got a science fiction channel and now they want to jazz it up and make it sexier (just like your last girlfriend tried to do with you until she realized that geeks don't get sexier and dropped your ass). Can't they leave well enough alone? Didn't they learn anything from George Lucas? Sigh. You know, it's days like today that make me want to throw out my Heinlein books and Star Wars posters and join the masses reading whatever Oprah's hawking this month.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brad Heitmeyer Dot Com

Hey, Everybody

I have a web site.

It's currently very empty, but please stop on in and have a look-see.

I'm looking to be moving in a lot of new content and hoping beyond hope that it turns out kinda nice.

Enjoy the site and be sure to let know what you think so far and as things progress.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Ed Brubaker,

I'd like my $4.99 back.


Seth Jones

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


If you see this man, do not try to apprehend. Just sit back, and enjoy the awesomeness that is about to ensue.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teller is halfway through

So Teller part 3 (of 4) posts just after midnight tonight, central time at www.jasonarnett.com. It's a pretty well-revised version that you might've read in Pulp Legacy, and if you haven't read it you can still catch parts one and two on the site. Do me a favor and tell your friends?

Saturday, June 13, 2009


If you were hoping for something good from Iron Man 2, this might change your mind.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Esquire fiction contest

Hey guys,

Esquire has a fiction writing contest that they're doing right now. $2,500 for first place, along with getting published in Es-freakin-quire.

The story has to be written based on one of the three below titles. Less than 4,000 words. One entry per soul.

1. "Twenty-Ten"
2. "An Insurrection"
3. "Never, Ever Bring This Up Again"

Here's the link: http://www.esquire.com/fiction/fiction-contest?click=main_sr

Good luck! If you submit something, maybe publish it in your next zine, too?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Storysite goes live

My story website/blog thingy went live today. Please stop by and check out the newly-renovated version of 'Teller' that's up. If you like it, please tell your friends to stop over and comment. I'll do more marketing push things elsewhere, but I wanted to stop here first. Any help you guys can give is much appreciated.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deadline Coming!

Hey gang!!

How are the 'zine coming along?

The deadline's coming.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Who watches Wizard?

Any Wizard readers/subscribers?
I ask, because I think this magazine needs to be put on Marlan's deathwatch list.
The new issue hit my mailbox a few weeks ago. It's Calista Flockhart thin. And it has about as many ads as the last issue of Pulp Legacy, as in very, very FEW.
Check it out -- page 1 is the table of contents. That's valuable real estate to an ad salesperson, and here it is, being used as the TOC. The magazine is an anemic 96 pages. Remember when this book used to be 200+? Granted, that was in the days they published an in-depth price guide with every issue.
Here's a rundown of the major ads in this issue:

Inside front cover: Marvel (full page)
Page 3: Star Trek/eSurance (full page)
Page 5: Topps Obama trading cards (full page)
Page 7: Midtown Comics (half page)
Pages 8-9: Wanted video game (spread)
Page 35: HOUSE AD (full page)
Page 67: HOUSE AD (full page)
Page 69: HOUSE AD (full page)
Page 71: HOUSE AD (full page)
Page 79: HOUSE AD (full page)
Page 88: Classifieds
Page 89: Wonderland Chronicles (full page)
Pages 92, 93, 94: House, house, house (full pages)
Inside back: Marvel
Back cover: Wanted

There were also 2 half-page Marvel ads that I skipped over.

I'm not claiming to be an expert on the magazine business, but a friend I know thinks he knows a thing or two. Eight full-page house ads in a 96-page book isn't bringing any money in, folks. And 8, maybe 9 real ad pages in a 96-page book? That's a 9% ad to edit ratio. Check out any other magazine you get... the ratio of a healthy magazine is closer to 60/40 or 50/50.
I'm not wishing ill on Wizard. I'm just wondering aloud if the magazine can remain profitable with ad/edit ratios like this?
I've put up a new poll on this topic. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Actual content on what I think of the social media phenomenon that is Twitter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More on my plans

A bit about the stories I'm writing
(which I am sharing in PL) and what I hope happens with them.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New movie

Hey guys,

Me, Bart and Copy J put together a new film last week. Below are the YouTube clips of the movie, part 1 and part 2.

We entered it into an independent film competition at Iowa State University. They asked us to use the lines, "Do you know where the weight room is?" and "I smell ice cream." We were also supposed to use the following props: lawn ornament, Cosmo magazine and a ping pong ball.

We didn't win the contest, but we sure had fun doing the movie. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Think Twice before looking

Don't say I didn't warn you not to look at this after it's burned onto your brain.

Via Warren Ellis.

Yeah, who's watching the Watchmen, now?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Variant 2nd Prints

OK, so I'm relatively new to pulling comics from the comic shop. Or, at least, I just got back from a 2-year hiatus.

I'm pulling "Dark Avengers." I get issue 1. Issue 2 doesn't show up, even though I know it's out.

Go back to the shop, I've got issue 2, "variant 2nd print," as well as regular-ol' issue 3. (enjoying the series, btw)

So, is this commonplace? To get 2nd prints as if nothing is amiss? Or should I be like, "Dude, I'm pulling this -- get me a first printing!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Step Two? Or One point Five?

Finished the fourth story last night, The Receivers. I am working out the plot for a new, as-yet-untitled story about a House.

Bought www.jasonarnett.com and thinking about the layout, which will likely change before June. More to come. Here's the post I'm referencing.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who's Watched The Watchmen?

I figure this as good a forum as any. Let the reviews begin.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


The Warner Bros. studio lot in Burbank has huge pictorals and ads for their TV shows and movies. I was over there the other day (on my way to an early screening of Watchmen!) and I saw their new project. On the side of one of the sound-stages (where they tape Ellen, actually) they've had a pictoral of all of their animated characters, including Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Batman, and Superman, for years. This is what they're doing now:
Note this close-up. This could be lingering from what was underneath it but part of the character is outlined in the new paint:
And I have no idea what it is. I thought Warner Bros. had already released all of the Super-Friends episodes on DVD and I don't know what this could be connected to. Obviously it's not finished. When it's done I'll post more pictures.
And a bonus. This is, of course, my local comics shop, the House of Secrets in Burbank. I don't know what the story is behind this. They tried putting a comics-related mural in this same spot a few years ago but the city shut it down: (Yeah, that's my bike.)


Hey, gang, got a question for you.

I'm thinking about putting my short stories up for sale on Lulu.com for a buck apiece, like iTunes or something. These would be the whole story you get to read in Pulp Legacy (and I'll still put them there first for you guys, you've been so good to me) but downloadable for a buck to whomever might like to read them as DRM-free pdf files. One story a month, for a buck, with a 1500 word text preview and maybe free audio. Whether that's a preview or the whole story, I don't know.

Would you guys help me promote it, even passively, by sending on emails to your friends who read? Does this seem like a decent idea? Self-publishing for the digital age.

Lemme know what you think.

Monday, March 2, 2009

How much Watchmen stuff do we need?

Is anyone else starting to get a little... overwhelmed... with all the Watchmen stuff?

It seems like every cast member has been interviewed ten times by every pop culture media outlet. The preview is everywhere. Watchmen has it's own endcap at the big book chain. CNN is asking, "Will fans watch the Watchmen?" as one of their main stories.

How much longer before I'm filling out the crossword puzzle on the back of my box of Rorschach cereal? (Flavor: sugar cubes. Free prize: mini-grappling gun.)

I think what pushed me over the edge was when I saw this book, pictured, at Border's this weekend. Do I really need oversized black and white portraits of every cast member -- from the Comedian to the Viet Cong Dr. Manhattan obliterates -- in a deluxe format book? For $50?

I wonder how much Watchmen stuff will be steeply discounted in three weeks from now. Would I want to buy this book for 50% off? For 75% off? The answer is no. But I'm not much into portrait photography, either, so maybe I just don't "get it."

I'm looking forward to the movie, but I'm also getting sick of seeing/hearing about it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Which is the better trilogy?

So, I watched the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy over the span of last week (seriously people, for being newly single, my social life is right up there with lepers and Republican church wives). And Emery has been adamant that we watch a Star Wars movie when he comes to crawl in bed at midnight or so (of course, he falls asleep about 5 minutes into it but I'm too much a geek to stop watching). With this recent side by side comparison, I got to thinking about which is the better trilogy. I know there are purists out there who will decry this post as blasphemy, screaming from the rooftops that there is only one, true trilogy. But I'll tread where fanboys fear in this situation. So, which flavor do you prefer? Original Star Wars (I'm sorry, but the prequels are spinoffs in my mind) or Lord of the Rings? And whilst your working on that, I have a few fanboy questions:

1. We all know that Empire is the greatest of the Star Wars movies (and I'll arm wrestle you if you disagree) and that The Two Towers is the best of the LOTR (well, it is in my mind), but which is the better sequel between the two? Personally, I'll go with Empire, because it hits you with the double whammy of Luke losing his hand AND finding out the truth about his father (from the same guy, no less). Dark and edgy, ending on a down note, Empire should be the standard by which sequels are made.

2. Who would you rather have on your side in a fight? (my answers in parentheses)
Luke Skywalker or Aragorn? (Aragorn...he is such a bad ass, he makes dead people afraid of him)

Yoda or Gandalf? (Yoda...Nothing against the White Wizard, but I'll take the Muppet with the effed up syntax any day of the week and twice on Sunday)

3. Who is the better bad guy, the Emperor or Sauron? (The emperor by a nose. He had more screen time and he didn't need no stinkin' orcs to fight his fights)

4. Finally, who would kick more ass in a fight, Darth Vader or the Lord of the Nazgul? (Vader? Nazgul? It could go either way, but my fanboy heart wins out and says Vader)

Friday, February 20, 2009


I'll probably put the whole story into the next 'zine (due next week, right?) and I don't want to bump the Pulpys down, but I'm not getting any feedback on the new story DISCONNECT and if you're interested here are the links:

Part One


Part Two

Y'know,if you'd like to read them now. Part three up on Monday at the LiveJournal.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2008 Pulpies ballot!


Cover of the Year
Spider-Man, Seth Jones, #39
Fantastic Four, Toby Mays, #40
Rock and Roll Can Never Die…, Zara Roberts, #41
Back to the Future, Vanda Toews, #42
Batman and Superman, John Byrne/Toby Mays, #43

Best Interior Art Moment
Photo of misty mountains/valleys, Romelle, # 39
Photo of island golf green in the Dominican Republic, Jones, #39
FF Story, Mays, #40
Weird Journey (Quantum Mechanics), Mays, #40
Quantum Mechanics Pinup, Mays, #40
The Death of the FF, Jones, #40
Zara’s rock photos, Roberts, #41
Photos of Hanoi, Roemmele, #41
Batman cover to Amateur Art #2, Mays, #41
Citizen, Mays, #41
Old Amateur Art Covers, Mays, #41
Music back cover, Bowen, #41
JLA cover to Amateur Art #3, Mays, #42
Quantum Mechanics #1, Mays, #42
Photos of Tibetan Protesters, Baxter, #42
Spider-Man versus the Mind Moth, Jones, #42
Dr. Solar’s Date from Hell, Jones, #42
Futuristic back cover, Zaric, #42
A Case Against Mercy Cover, Griesbach, #43
Cheesecake, Griesbach, #43
Flash, Mays, #43
Valiant Tryout Cover, Mays, #43
Body Dumper, Taylor, #43

Best Fiction Story (written or sequential)

The Well, Arnett, #39
Steamy, futuristic noir starring a hard-luck detective

The Death of the FF (sequential), Jones, #40
12-page comic where the FF is killed off, one by one

Look Both Ways, (script), Littlejohn, #41
Monty Pythonesque TV show pokes fun at society

Where the Earth Meets the Sky, Arnett, #41
Tale of a boy who finally reaches the end of the horizon

Mind Running, Zaric, #41
A runner creates high-action in his own mind during a morning jog

Untitled Ghost Story, Sweeten, #41
Emily helps solve crimes by communicating with ghosts

Citizen, Mays, #41
A super-hero has cancer

Quantum Mechanics #1, Mays, #42
The origin story of Toby’s Quantum Mechanics super-team

With a Little Help From the Folks, Zaric, #42
A ten-years-in-the-future Zaric tells the story of a father’s day gift of running in a marathon completed in stages by his family

An Enviro Rant, Zaric, #42
A ten-years-in-the-future Zaric gripes about how environmentalists have evolved into green-friendly street gangs

Waydown #57, Harris, #42
A ten-years-in-the-future Marlan goes back and writes about the one deadline for PL he missed and remedies the missing issue with examining what his life was like ten years ago for that missing issue

The Castle on the River, Arnett, #43
A journey to a strange castle takes the main character to see someone he recently lost, and some self-discovery

Short Holiday Superhero Fiction, Taylor, #43
An average couple give up their super-powered child for adoption to a super-hero couple


Best Written Work, Single Issue

The Well, Arnett, #39
Steamy, futuristic noir starring a hard-luck detective

Dead Forever, Baxter, #39
Baxter reminds us that we need to put the Archie comics down and live our lives because we will all be dead soon

One Morning with My Daughter, Jones, #39
Seth describes a typical morning getting his 1-year-old daughter ready for her day

Edna M, Tjarks, #39
An essay on the life of Tim’s mother, who died in late 2007

Coachella review, Harris, #40
It’s not too hot in the desert to rock – Mar evaluates all the bands he witnessed at Coachella 2008

Psycho Time!, Zaric, #40
Zeke Zaric’s hockey team upsets the league power to win it all

Mar can’t support free comic book day, Harris, #40
Marlan explains how there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and why that keeps him from supporting FCBD

Restaurant Managers, Jones, #40
Seth recalls the diverse assortment of restaurant managers he worked for in his younger years

Born and Raised a Jayhawk, Bowen, #40
Copy J writes about what it’s like to be a Jayhawk growing up in Wildcat territory

The Bubblemen, Roberts, #41
Zara recounts the orgasmic experience of a rare Bubblemen sighting

What Does ‘No’ Mean Anyway?, Arnett, #41
Exploring the true meaning of the word ‘no’

Hanoi, March, 2008, Roemmele, #41
Graham recounts what he loves and hates about the Vietnamese city

My Songs, Part 1, Zaric, #41
Zaric analyzes John Lennon’s “Mother” and how it relates to him

How I Make Beer, Zaric, #41
A step-by-step guide to how Zaric brews his own beer

There’s a trapdoor in the sun, Jones, #41
Jones asks, do you prefer writing, or reading, or both?

I’d Like it if Prince Farted the Batman Theme, Jones, #41
An essay about how fandom affects one’s ability to judge impartially

Zimbabwe: Diary of Violence, Baxter, #41
Baxter details the sights and sounds of photographing in Zimbabwe during such dangerous times

Burma: Covering the Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, Baxter, #41
After disaster strikes, Baxter scores a flight to Burma and assignments with Newsweek and the NY Times

Count the Colors, Goellner, #42
Analyzing the steadily changing hair colors of Wally West’s kids

They Need to Cancel all the Books Produced by Marvel and DC, Griesbach, #42
Brian argues that characters like Batman and Superman are worn out, and the future of comics is in new stories from the smaller publishers

The Future of Comics, Mays, #42
Toby muses about how he hopes that someday, his grandkids will look back on the comics he created

Dark Knight rant, Jones, #42
Jones gives a laundry list of reasons why The Dark Knight sucked

Watching Time Stop with Stan the Man, Jones, #42
CBR story where Jones describes a thirty-minute visit with Stan Lee aboard the CBR yacht

Lollapolooza 2008, Jones #42
Jones tells war stories about attending the 2008 Lollapalooza with Marlan

Ten years, Gone, Arnett, #42
A ten-years-in-the-future Jason reflects on all the major event in America since 2008, including wind farms and global warming

Random Scribblings #847, Baxter, #43
Will goes through an entire relationship in a blink of an eye and a few sentences

Valedictorian Speech, Zaric, #43
June Zaric’s nursing program graduation valedictory address

Getting in Touch with NY, Zaric, #43
Bob Dylan visits Neil Young’s childhood home in Winnipeg

Seth gets V For Vendetta, Jones, #43
Seth tells about when he first discovered V for Vendetta #1 while on vacation in Santa Fe and how it affected his view on comics

Chinese Democracy Review, Harris, #43
Marlan reviews the long-awaited Guns n’ Roses album


Best Non-fiction Story

Cambodia’s Lawless Leaders and the Landless Poor, Baxter, #39
A story on corruption in the Cambodian government and its effect on Cambodians

An Unchristmasy Christmas in Northern Thailand 2007, Roemmele, #39
Graham joins a friend for a motorcycle ride through remote areas of Thailand

One Morning with My Daughter, Jones, #39
Seth describes a typical morning getting his 1-year-old daughter ready for her day

I thought I’d jinxed them, Arnett, #40
Jason writes about how he thought he doomed his KU Jayhawks by leaving a premature voice message

Big Al’s Wedding, Zaric, #41
Zaric enjoys a wedding where ditch-jumping is part of the festivities

Chicago Comicon Report, Jones, #41
Seth sums up his three highlights from Chicago: heading CBR’s coverage, the Warren Ellis interview and the Gotham Knights premiere

San Diego Report, Jones #42
Jones recounts his top three stories from Comi-Con; meeting Stan Lee, staying on the CBR yacht and interviewing the Aquabats

Frisco, Zaric, #43
Zaric recounts his trip to San Francisco

Don’t Make JRJ Angry, Jones, #43
Jones tells the story of a meeting with a stood-up John Romita Jr.


Funniest Moment

Levels of Strength, Littlejohn, #39
Bart describes his three favourite levels of strength: newborn, old man and drunk

Not to Be (Winnipeg loses the Grey Cup), Zaric, #39
Zarko details the agony of losing the Grey Cup to hated arch-rival/hillbillies Saskatchewan

Four Hot Chicks Reading Fantastic Four, Jones and Pumpelly, #40
In honor of the FF-themed issue, four hotties are pictured reading FF comcis

Jayhawk Superstitions, Jones, #40
Seth details all the weird superstitions he took on during KU’s championship 2007-2008 season

Look Both Ways, Littlejohn, #41
Monty Pythonesque TV show pokes fun at society

He-Ho and the Ho-Ho’s, Littlejohn, # 41
Bart’s fake ad for his new band and their album which includes hits like, “There’s always the Adam’s apple, look for that”

Burger Chunk, Littlejohn, #41
Bart’s tale of how some bad Burger King almost made him miss seeing Radiohead for the first time

Photo of Racheal with Steranko fingers, Harris, # 41

Pictures of Tom’s Office, Spendlove, #41

Warren Ellis Interview, Jones, #41
Jones recounts his 10-minute interview – which resulted in 5 seconds of recorded tape – with Warren Ellis

My Search for an Intern, Littlejohn, #42
Bart searches for an intern – qualifications include knowing kung-fu and being able to prevent him from buying a monkey

My Soccer Trip and the Cumulative Downfall of Man, Littlejohn, #42
A bus trip to a Kansas City soccer game results in debauchery, including some jerk puking in the beer bin

Sitting Near Michael Jordan and Tony Romo, Jones, #42
Seth’s friend insists on buying MJ a beer and the awkwardness that ensues

Dr. Solar’s Date From Hell, Jones, #42
Dr. Solar uses Match.com to find his next date, but once again nukes the girl when the date goes sour

3708, ?, #42
Written in gibberish, when translated it tells the tale of a man trapped in a room, desperate to get out

Drgbl, Arnett, #43
Air ships in unique situations

DC Tryout, Mays, #43
Batman and Superman end up caught with their pants down


Best Blog Post (http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/)

How many copies of ___ have been CGC’ed?, Jones, 1/9/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-many-issues-of-have-been-cgced.html

Chicago leftover, Jones, 1/10/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/01/chicago-leftovers.html

Live blogging from Buffalo Wild Wings “assembly party”, Arnett, Jones, Littlejohn, Bowen, 2/9/08

Some books from a random long box, Jones, 3/7/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/03/some-books-from-random-long-box.html

Dave Stevens (1955-2008), Heitmeyer, 3/15/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/03/dave-stevens-1955-2008.html

What’s your favourite comedy?, Sweeten, 4/3/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/04/whats-your-favorite-comedy.html

Billboard with Spirit, Harris, 4/18/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/04/billboard-with-spirit.html

DC Universe 0, Spendlove, 4/30/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/04/dc-universe-0.html

Major breakthrough for our own Will Baxter, Jones, 5/10/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/05/major-breakthrough-for-our-own-will.html

Random semi-interesting story from last night, Jones, 5/17/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/05/random-semi-interesting-story-from-last.html

Fear, Arnett, 5/24/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/05/fear.html

Comic blogs response, Moore, 6/4/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/06/comic-blogs-response.html

St. Patty’s Day photos – the outtakes, Jones, 6/16/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/06/st-pattys-day-photos-outtakes.html

What would you give them? Sweeten, 6/20/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/06/what-would-you-give-them.html

Wolverine: Healing powers don’t do shit for allergies, bub. Jones, 7/16/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/07/wolverine-healing-powers-dont-do-shit.html

The Dark Knight, Arnett, 7/20/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/07/dark-knight.html

My highlight from SDCC, Moore, 7/29/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/07/my-highlight-from-sdcc.html

Leftover MCs, PL 40, Jones, 8/18/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/08/leftover-mcs-pl-40.html

Sad Day, Zaric, 9/9/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/09/sad-day.html

Momento Morti # 61 (part one) Jones and Littlejohn, 9/21/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/09/momento-morti-61-part-one.html

Momento Morti # 61 (part two) Jones and Littlejohn, 9/25/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/09/momento-morti-61-part-two.html

A new Bart and Jonesy uh… joint, Jones and Littlejohn, 11/13/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/11/new-bart-and-jonesy-uh-joint.html

Whoops… Jones, 11/19/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/11/whoops.html

Merry Christmas, Arnett, 12/20/08 http://pulplegacy.blogspot.com/2008/12/merry-christmas.html


Best Use of CD-ROM Medium

Cover production Video, Jones, #39
Seth documents the progress of the cover for issue 39 in a video set to music

The Well, Arnett, #39
Jason narrates his fiction story

The Sky Inside Me, Arnett, #40
A series of flash fiction dreams

July 4th, 2008, Anett, #41
A video of Christmas light displays around Lawrence, Kan.

My Songs, Zaric, #41, 42
Zaric includes John Lennon’s “Mother” to accompany his essay about what the song means to him

Momento Morti, Jones/Littlejohn, #42
A ten-years-in-the-future Seth and Bart send us a “thought blast” about their flying cars, failed movies and living in a cardboard box

A Little Something, Bowen, #42
Set to random clips – including She-Hulk doing squats -- ten-years-in-the-future Eric talks about life, including his vast wealth and the Seth Jones presidency

Best Reviewer

(write-in – first place) _________________________________

(write-in – second place) _________________________________

(write-in – third place) _________________________________

Best Designed ‘Zine

(write-in – first place) _________________________________

(write-in – second place) _________________________________

(write-in – third place) _________________________________

Best MC’er

(write-in – first place) _________________________________

(write-in – second place) _________________________________

(write-in – third place) _________________________________

‘Zine of the Year

(write-in – first place) _________________________________

(write-in – second place) _________________________________

(write-in – third place) _________________________________

Make your own pulpys:

(worst attitude, most likely to get hit by a bus, most typos, etc.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

is this how it starts?

Marvel announced a new form of comic book will be sold via iTunes. With a recent article in Time sounding the death knoll for traditional publishing, I can't help but wonder if we are starting to see the end of ink and paper media? We have gone digital (and likely for the same reasons that other companies will go digital: money) with no real dropoff in membership, which makes me think that more and more people would accept an e-book or even an e-comic book. Opinions?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Batman as "order"

I was just flipping through the top 25 rivalries in comics (on CBR), and I see that Batman Vs. Joker took top honor. I'm OK with that (I was happy to see Cap Vs. Red Skull in the top 10, and Spidey Vs. Goblin in the top 5).

But I'm sick of people trying to say this is "chaos versus order." I'm no expert on Batman, but I have been reading his comics for years, and it seems to be that there isn't a whole lot of "order" in Batman's life. But everyone has seen the most recent Batman movie, and suddenly, that's the explanation we're giving on why this is a feud.

It's more like: Joker wants to kill Gothamites, versus Batman wants to protect Gotham. Batman wants to ensure that what happened to him doesn't happen to anyone else... it drives him so much that he wears a bat-suit, invests millions of dollars into an alter-ego, giving up any semblance of a normal life. Where's the "order" in that?

Your thoughts are welcomed.

Here's my top rivalries, off the top of my head:

1. Cap Vs. Red Skull
2. Spidey Vs. Goblin
3. FF Vs. Doom
4. Batman Vs. Joker
5. Silver Surfer Vs. Galactus
6. Spidey Vs. Venom
7. Cap Vs. Hydra
8. Thing Vs. Hulk
9. Green Lantern Vs. Sinestro
10. Thor Vs. Loki

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Teller part three

"Negotiating the Castle" (Part Three of Four) is up. Links to parts one and two immediately below here or at the end of the post there.

If you read this, please comment and let me know. I'll post part four when I have at least four public comments either here, at my LiveJournal or on Twitter.

I know, I'm really asking for it, aren't I?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Teller part two

New short story in four parts from me: Here's part two: The Caretaker's Message.

And here's part one: To See the Wizard if you missed it.

I'll post part three when someone (thanks Seth!) posts a comment on the LJ about the tale.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I hear Spider Man has taken the role of Secretary of Defense in Obama's Cabinet.