Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seth's Jukebox... an in-depth rundown

I recently replaced all 100 CDs in my jukebox. Which is fun, to have all new CDs in the juke while I'm working. The pain in the ass is updating the album art and the playlists.

 I'm about halfway through the playlists right now. Then I'll cut out a bunch of album art. Print a bunch of playlists. And start reassembling.

 Before I do that, I wanted to document where the jukebox was at this moment in time. So here you go -- page by page, Seth's jukebox, circa late 2011 to mid-2012:
I made the first page of the juke to display some family and friends... note pics of Evey, Adro, Hendo, Bart and Marlan. Includes Interpol, Elastica, Cage the Elephant, the Urge, Wolfmother, Pearl Jam live, and a tribute to Elliott Smith.

Probably the only juke in the world with two Dredg CDs. Note the Golfdom cover used for Chevelle art, and Evey for Beastie Boys. Also, Cracker, Eels, Crow 2, Cure, Elliott Smith.
Flys, Everclear first and second album, Gnarls, George Strait (only country CD in the juke, for Adro), Harvey Danger, Foo Fighters (2X) Interpol, INXS, Jack Johnson, Incubus.
Jay-Z, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, BBoys, Beck, Counting Crows, 8Stops7, Killers, Harvey Danger, Local H (X3), Marcy Playground. Used Mexican luchadore for Harvey art.

Marcy Playground (X2), Machester Orchestra, King's X, QOTSA, Seether, Pearl Jam (X6)

Saul Williams, People in Planes, Pixies, Poe, Muse, QOTSA (X2), Q-Tip, Radiohead (X4). 100% album art on this page, which is kind of hard to do.

Rage, Michael Jackson No. 1s, Li'l Kim, Ludacris, Sheila Divine, Sublime, Soundgarden (X2), Soul Coughing, Spider-Man 3 sndtrk, Silverman, Slipknot. Note I used artwork from my "What Would Jacko Do?" comic for the Jackson CD.

Star Sailor, Staind, Jimi, Thom Yorke, Marilyn Manson, Toadies, White Stripes (X2) Ting Tings, Tool, Weezer, Zombie

Early Depeche Mode, Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, War's greatest hits. 

Some fast facts of the juke, courtesy of the juke's auditing system (asterisks denotes an Evey favorite):

Ten Most popular songs in the jukebox: 
143 plays* -- Ting Tings, "Great DJ"
85 plays* -- Billy Joel, "Tell Her About It"
76 plays* -- Vampire Weekend, "Cousins"
60 plays* -- Ting Tings, "Not My Name"
51 plays* -- War, "Spill the Wine"
39 plays -- Manchester Orchestra, "I've Got Friends"
38 plays -- Manchester Orchestra, "Shake it Out"
34 plays -- Radiohead, "House of Cards"
30 plays -- Toadies, "Tyler"
29 plays -- Queens of the Stone Age, "Make it Wit Chu"
29 plays -- Radiohead, "All I Need"

LEAST popular CDs in the jukebox
52 plays -- Jay-Z, The Black Album
60 plays -- Ludacris, Word of Mouf
62 plays -- Slipknot, The Subliminal Verses
62 plays -- Li'l Kim, La Bella Mafia
67 plays -- Q-Tip, Amplified
98 plays -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever to Tell

MOST popular CDs in the jukebox
393 plays -- Radiohead, In Rainbows
357 plays -- Radiohead, OK Computer
338 plays -- Beck, Odelay
327 plays -- Beastie Boys, Check Your Head
301 plays* -- Billy Joel, Greatest Hits Disc 2
301 plays -- Soundgarden, Superunknown
300 plays -- Manchester Orchestra, Mean Everything to Nothing

There you have it. I'll tear down all the art/playlists soon, and start reassembling the juke with the new art/playlists. It'll be a process. I am looking forward to having the juke back up to date, though, so I know what the hell I'm playing. Right now, I only know what CDs are in what slot -- no playlists yet.

I timed it once, and it takes about 20 minutes total to replace one CD... you have to put the CD in the correct spot in the magazine... then insert the proper album art... then create the playlist... then cut out the playlist and insert it in the right spot, with the right CD art. Then you have to inform the jukebox it has a new CD in it (by putting the machine in the service mode, then hitting 3, 1, then the CD #) I should also thank Copy Jesus at this time, who created the template for my jukebox cards for me... and he also helped me pick up the juke... in his honor, I vowed to never allow a single Pink Floyd CD in the juke.

And, if you're still reading -- which I'm sure you're not (but I had fun!) -- I would like to again thank my wife for letting me keep a giant jukebox in the basement.

I'm weird, I know. But I sure do enjoy having the juke.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comicon 2012

CCI 2012 was another great show. So good to see Marlan and Carla there. We had the time of our lives at the Aquabats concert, sitting in the VIP section, drinking for free all night... wow. Man, that was a wild one. That's the way to close down a con right there, my friends.

Other highlights: meeting Sergio Aragones, a nicer yacht, getting sneaky drunk on margaritas, cigars on the top deck of the yacht, the Aquabats press panel, being able to shop the convention this year.

More later (maybe) on CCI. But, yeah... that was a good time. If I never ever go again, if real life gets in the way... Saturday night was a damn fine send-off!