Friday, February 29, 2008


I about broke all of my fingernails trying to pry the pages apart before I realized it.

I am IN for the next issue!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Format: Rants and Raves

I just finished perusing (I'm sure I spelled that wrong but my spell check isn't working) the new PL and a few things hit me whilst I was reading it.

It's gonna be a lot easier to reference comments by others. Now, instead of griping because my lazy ass doesn't like retyping others words, I can just copy and paste. Expect more "conversations" between Marlan and I.

Double columns bite. I'm guilty of this one too so I have to kick myself in the ass, but it's a bit of a pain to read down through a column and then scroll back up (especially when it's something that goes on for dis to people who go on for days).

The old format never gave me a "encountered an error and has to close" message while I was on the shitter. It only happened once, but it's still annoying.

I talked to Seth about this one, but I encountered a potential problem the other day. I was loaning the last issue (the digital version) to a friend when he asked, "This doesn't have any viruses, does it?" I laughed it off but then thought about recruitment (that's what I try to do in my spare time) and whether or not I can convince someone that the disc we're sending them to look at won't eat their hard drive. I haven't come up with a good solution.

With the sweet bookmarking, it's much easier to skip exactly to where I wanna go. But that doesn't mean I skip over your cra---er, I mean, well written and insightful anecdotes.

I'm really liking the videos...a lot. A hella lot.

I know that some of this seems like nitpicking, but the conversation needs to start somewhere. So what does everyone else think about the new issue?

P.S., Big time kudos to Copy J and the crew for putting this together. The took an undesirable situation (from my standpoint anyway) and made some pretty sweet lemonade (y'know, that old "life hands you lemons" saw...)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am awesome and Seth is not

Tooooo black for the post, I dare say that I am not black enough mother fucker!!! That's right I said mother fucker on the inter tube! That's how I roll. I came here to join some civilized discussion and got thrown into some bullshit. Whatever, I'm used to it. It's only because I'm awesome.

Naw, to get back to the point. It was good to get together with the guys and talk everything Pulp Legacy. The new zine looks mighty excellent fellas. We are entering the 21st century with full flair and flourish. By the way, fuck Jones! He just commented on my use of flourish.

I am wearing pants much against my wishes......but when management decrees I must digress. I don't know why I added that it just seemed funny. I think our waitress has shunned us, or really just shunned Jones. I will try to make inroads but it will not be easy. I will have use all of my skills and training. I usually break this material out of the Swedish Bikini Team. But, oh well. Ok, ladies and gents; enjoy the zine, drink up, and do all the things that you normally wouldn't do. If happen to see me rambling the streets, I will only get you and myself in trouble (well at least for a short time period).

Peace out mother fuckers!

By the way, Jones does suck!

Hey... man.

Yeah, this is Jones now (Copy J just posted). Arnett has left the building. Copy J is about to leave. So yeah, me and Bart are putting the kids to bed.

But I'm pumped about the new issue. Seriously. You guys are gonna dig it. Once you get over the CD thing, you're gonna see what the CD has to offer.

Hey, good news. Quintron and Miss Pussycat are playing the Bottleneck on Monday. I think me and Bart are gonna have to hit that.

Oh yeah... and we have RADIOHEAD TICKETS! WHOOOOOOOO!!!

btw, Bart is upset that we "made" him sit at the seat that lacked light. Whatever, dude. You're just BLACK!

Pink Hair Jokes

Awwwrighty then.... this new assembly format is going to be hell on my waistline! Seriously, this is cool. A night out with "the crew" was just what I needed at this point, seeing as how it's already Tuesday! The 'zines are all PDF'd and ready to assemble as soon as I get home, the hardest part being to get the page numbers to jive with with TOC, but I'll survive. Adam West and the Timeless Beauty is playing down the street, we may go later... Have fun with the new CD, I'll be interested to know what you think of the new features. CJ

Assembly Post

Here we sit at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lawrence (forty cent wings!) 'assembling' the new issue. Eric, Seth, Bart and me, Jason. We've watched the intial video, Eric has assured me that we think the audio I submitted will likely be on the disc as well as being available for you guys to download.

The new format is pretty amazing. It'll be interesting to see what you all think once you get it in your hands. Eric's worked very hard to make sure that it'll play across all platforms, that the 'zine is easier to navigate and that it looks great. Without descending into Stan Lee-styled hyperbole, it's really cool. You'll love it. I promise.

This is not usually my style, this sort of stream of consciousness blogging, but it's fairly live. Eric's explaining everything we can do, that he'll do the rest of the night in putting the finishing touches on this issue. Make sure you check the TOC as there will be navigating features that will let you click on page 77, as opposed to page one of Ajasont or whatever you want. Finally, Seth's cover is damn entertaining, and if you have the wherewithal to find cover material for future issues, let us know.

All right, signing out now. Seth will post a picture into this later so you'll know it was us and where we were when the good ol' PL went digital.


Arnett 2-19-08

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Creator Passes

I never was a fan of Steve Gerber's work, in fact only aware of it in passing. I knew he created Howard the Duck but I've never read any of the comics. Still, I knew that Gerber held a place of respect within the comics community for his stance on creator's rights.

Does God have something against comic books? 'Cause we seem to have lost a lot of comic book creators in a very short time.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feb. 18th deadline barreling down on us!

Hey guys,

Just a reminder that the deadline for submissions for PL # 39 is Feb. 18th.

Hope to see participation like we had last issue. As you know, we're all-digital this next issue. Will the first non-print issue succeed or fail miserably?

I'm going to guess this will be a rough issue (low turnout), just because we haven't had much communication since last issue, regarding this issue's deadline. Hopefully I'm wrong. Please support the new format of PL by PARTICIPATING!!! Thanks.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thank you BRAD!

This blog post serves multiple purposes:

  • To thank Brad for sending me $25 for the CopyCo bill. I matched your $25, Brad, and took $50 down there in mid-January.

  • To let Copy J make mental note that the bill should reflect this payment.

  • To remind the rest of you all that I'm still accepting money to help with the CopyCo bill... you can send via PayPal to

Copy, when you get a new bill, will you let me/us know the current balance? Thankee.