Monday, July 30, 2007

The ultra-rare PL 31... found!

I moved this weekend. While packing stuff, I finally found my lost issue of PL 31. The run is still complete, boo-yeah!
(Cover art by PL member Jason Arnett.)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome to the Pulp Legacy Blog

Hello and welcome to the all new Pulp Legacy Blog! What is Pulp Legacy? Pulp Legacy, or PL as we call it, is a APA (Amatuer Press Association) self-published anthology. All the members of PL contribute to the contents of the anthology in a wide ranging number of ways. From artwork to personal musings to reviews of music, movies and comic books, every two months we churn out another edition of one the best "fanzines" in the country. This blog was set up to allow the various members of PL to communicate and discuss whatever topics come to mind. It's also here to allow people who are interested in joining PL a chance to see what all the excitment is all about (and hopefully join up!). We always welcome any interested people to join in on the fun. So subscribe to the blog and check us out. To all the other members of PL, have fun!