Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waydown #12.04.05

Zine withdrawls? Maybe. I don't mind having the time I would put into making a zine back, but the camaraderie we had once exchanging zines isn't there -- heck, we haven't even had a lot of e-mail circles of late. Yeah, everyone's moved on, everyone's busy, I get that -- I am too. But I still want to contribute something, to somewhere, and I'd like to keep it amongst the Pulp Legacy group, whether y'all are going to participate or not. But I hope you will. These reviews of comics and books and cereal and Raves and pictures of half-naked girls* have to go somewhere. So I plan to post on this blog, much of the usual stuff I would put in my zines but in a capsulated form, abbreviated (in the length of the zine, not in the length of the blocks of text) but maybe more frequent. Just the best, most interesting parts. Probably not a lot of updates about what's going on in my life, unless it has to do directly with something I want to talk about (and I'll probably send those updates to you over e-mail directly anyway, just to check in on a personal level). And I've even decided that I'll post mailing comments for the last (?) issue of PL here as well (when I get around to reading the thing and writing it all up). So the usual stuff you've read by me (if you've bothered to read it), just here on the blog. I'd rather think of it less as putting stuff here because I can't put it in a zine but rather where it would go in the natural evolution of what zines would be and how they would relate to blogs. So this could just be a natural progression of the APA and what we probably would have done anyway. This could be a better way to go in the first place. So I'm not promising when I'll get stuff up here, though a goal would be every week (like I could ever hit that deadline -- you know me). Maybe once every two weeks, or once every month. Two months, like our (supposed) usual deadline for the print zine? Maybe that would be more like it. But we'll see what happens. I'm also rearranging the numbering, just to keep it organized (if only for myself.  Yeah, it's kinda confusing, and it's a bit misleading to put a number symbol in front of it but that's the best I can come up with). And whatever else I come up with to put on here. Maybe it will be an adventure. And hopefully the rest of y'all will follow, if only just reading what I post and commenting or even coming around and posting some of your material on here. Let's see how it happens, yeah?
(*except for the half-naked girls, probably)

A hold-out from the original Waydown: I'm currently about 2,663 e-mails behind. Yeah, that's a lot more than I planned for it to ever be, and a ton more than where I thought I would be right now, especially after having some time to finally get to it. But for a while the time and energy I put into replying to (old) e-mails is being taken up by replying to Facebook messages I got on my birthday, most of which were posted on my Wall, somewhere around 100 of them. Yes, replying to each and every post. And yes, it's a lot of time and energy. But I really do appreciate every person wishing me a happy birthday and I want to show that appreciation how I can. It's a lot of time and energy but it's also a great way to catch up with a lot of folks, some of which I've been very close to at one time, that I don't talk to all that much anymore. It's also a lot of work contacts, and I could use some leads for work right now. I'm sending out a lot of updates, and updating those updates as things happen (as did while I was working then when I wasn't), so this is actually just an extension of how I communicate with a lot of people in my life, at least with those who are into e-mail. So far it's working out, and I'm getting a lot of replies back, though that only buries me more with how many e-mails behind I am. Not that I mind. I'll keep digging, no matter how many there are. I hate the thought of not hearing from my people. It keeps going on and on.


Posting a zine online. Kinda obvious, eh? But it’s still pretty crazy how we can do it now. I write up a piece then a while later on my lunch hour at work I edit it then post it and a few minutes later it could be on the screen of your computer. The efficiency is just crazy.

I just got done with William Gibson’s Spook Country on audiobook so hopefully I’ll get a review on that next time. Not a lot of comics I’m reading lately but the few I’ve gotten through I’ll get reviews up too.

Um, if this zine-on-a-blog thing turns out to be a productive idea in the first place.