Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Interesting news item

Came across this article this morning. The book(s) in question look rather interesting and I think I'll check out Meltzer's at the very least.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Open Submissions!

iVerse Media is looking to work with new and established comic industry professionals to create the next generation of digital comics.

We are NOT an IP farm. All of the work published through iVerse is 100% creator owned. We will NEVER ask you to give us a piece of your creations.

Currently we are actively seeking to produce original titles created specifically for this new comic format.

We will be adapting print comics to the iVerse digital comics format as well. If you are an established industry professional with a previously or currently published title that you would like to adapt for iPhone/iPod Touch please contact us and let us know that you’re interested.

If your project is unpublished/incomplete it must be submitted as an iVerse formatted title for it to be considered. All proposals that are standard comic book pages from an unpublished property will be deleted without being read. The iVerse format guidelines are available below.
(in the link up above. Here's the video they've released:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Seize the Day

Check out Arden's Myspace! He plays all the guitar in a fledgling band he's trying to start with a buddy (who is the drummer). He's only 14!!!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Leftover MCs, PL 40

In issue 41, I had to abruptly cut-off my MCs. I had notes, highlights, etc. I was just out of time. I made a commitment at the end of the MCs that I would finish the issue off and post them on the PL blog. Hence, my final three MCs to issue 40 are being posted here.

Zarko's Ramblings (Rich): I like the fact that the Avengers roster rotates. I always looked forward to the books that announced a new team. If I saw a cover promising a new team, I almost certainly picked it up... and then rarely would buy subsequent issues. Still, I like the rotating team in theory... *** So, did Aaron work this summer? I remember something my parents told me when I told them I wanted to get a job: You have the rest of your life to work. They wanted me to put it off as long as possible! But I wanted money... wanted more comics, toys, etc. So eventually I went out to where my sister had worked and used her as a reference to get my first job as a restaurant "host" at age 15. It all worked out fine in the end, but who knows what kind of fun I missed out by having one more summer of being a lazy bum? *** Looking forward to seeing your new short story. That sounds like a great day of writing. Did you have any homemade beer to help the creative juices? *** Cheers, Big Al! *** Oh, Big Al's wedding, killing me! It always happens that way... some event hits the calendar on just the worst day possible. But you'll remember that, because you weren't able to go to the event that you really wanted to. But the day the calendar works out in your favor? That's forgotten, because you don't remember that Big Al's wedding was over by 3 p.m., enabling you to see the Stones, or whatever -- you just remember that you got to see the Stones. *** That would be an awesome thing, to run in the Boston Marathon. And your comment about being more likely to do that than break into comics... why not do both? But also: one you're in total control of. The other (comics) has more of an outside force involved. So it's not an unfair comment... but just try to remain positive (and I think you are). It'll be a big beer-swilling event when we're celebrating your first comics AND your time at the Boston Marathon, right? *** Looking forward to your beer-brewing story. My friend, Neuty, brews his own beer and I enjoy the end product. I don't brew beer, but I did have a recent beer success... this weekend, me and the wife went out and bought a KEGERATOR. I currently have, not even 6 feet away from my keyboard, have a cold keg of Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat on tap. I've had it up and operating since Sunday. It's glorious. *** I remember yelling at friends if they, say, used a comic as a coaster for their can of soda. I was pretty wild about the condition of my comics back then, too. *** Lucky you, not getting selected for jury duty. I'm sure they'll never take me. I'll always have something (too white, too liberal, a journalist) to disqualify me. *** That's probably a good call on the 8A1 league for Zeke. No sense rushing him, let him enjoy it at whatever level for as long as possible -- as long as he's enjoying it. *** Zeke's goal was one of the best stories we've had in the APA in a while -- of course I remember! *** That's bullshit about the unfair ice time for Zeke. Especially if it's a lower division, the coaches should be more focused on fun. Here's what happened to me: I was one of the slower 2nd graders (I'm talking running, not academically!) and my soccer coach didn't play me much. My dad is a military guy, and he can get pretty hot when he's pissed off. The game was over, I'm kinda bumming because I watched most of the game from the sideline. My dad rolls right past me in total hulk-out mode and starts chewing out the coach. The coach, a little guy, looks at my dad and shouts, "If you don't like it, YOU come out here and coach his team next year!" And my dad yells, "I will, and we'll kick your ass!" And guess what? My dad coached every single team I played on from that point until I got into junior high (and there were paid coaches). We won some, we lost some, but everyone loved playing for my dad because he stressed fun and equal playing time. And we beat that coach on a few occasions, too, but not all the time. That was always the rivalry game for us. Anyway, I'm glad my dad did that for me, and I think it made me stick with sports at a young age when I could have easily given it up. I was never all-state or anything, but I had a decent cross county career, and a pretty good basketball career until my senior year of high school, when I couldn't get off the bench. *** I'm not going to re-read this entire story right now, but after first reading, near the graph with the clip art hockey player, I wrote in the margin, "This is set up nicely." *** Man, your son is the rabbit foot for these hockey teams! Great story. Cool photo! Which one is Zeke? *** How is Brand New Day doing now? I almost picked up the hardback at the book store the other day, but it was $25. Too rich for my blood. I went and bought the Spider-Man Magazine # 2 for $7 instead. That magazine is awesome, I'll have to write a review on it next issue... ***I agree, it's like they went back to basics on Spidey. Every once in a while they have to figure that out. Keep it simple, stupid. *** I DEMAND covers that depict something that is going on in the interior! What's the point of a pin-up every month! Show me something that's inside that issue! Titillate me a little! *** Yes, I love that irreverent tone Spidey had in the 60s. *** I plan on reading the Umbrella Academy some day. I'd rather not line Gerard Way's pockets anymore, though. Hopefully Danny, or someone, can loan me a copy. *** Michael Clayton was awesome, agreed. Re: YCT Trav about iPods at the gym: Sometimes I enjoy them, sometimes they distract me. If I'm running or biking, it's unnecessary. If I'm lifting weights? The iPod is almost mandatory. It's like the weight lifting coach yelling at you to PUSH!!! *** Hell no I didn't try the hulk roller coaster (at Universal Studios). Me and roller coasters don't mix. *** Yeah, it only takes me and Adro 15 minutes to get to work (we work in the same office). It's 5 miles to the office and it's on the exact opposite side of Lawrence. There are no highways, it's all in-city driving, and it pisses me off sometimes. But yeah, I have to realize that we're lucky we only have a 15-minute drive to get to the office. *** In hindsight, I wish I would have put more popular songs on my iPod during the video, but I really just went with what was on at that moment. Don't feel badly that you didn't know any of the bands; most were relatively new to me as well. *** Thanks for watching, and commenting on, that video, btw. *** Re: recognizing your records by the grooves -- That's pretty cool, and I totally believe it/understand it. I was reading a magazine the other day and they made mention of some German dude who in 1978 claimed he could read his records by looking at them... they acted like this was insane, the guy was Rain Man, but I can totally understand it. It's like comic prices in 1986 -- I had that damn comic book price guide memorized back then. Or telling the year of a comic by simply looking at the cover. A serious collector can look at almost any comic and tell what year it was produced within two years either way. When you're this close to a hobby, you really learn the intricacies of it. *** Great issue, Zarko.

Momento Morti # 1 (me): Hey, I kinda like my cover. Not bad for last-second. *** Re: "Word of the Day" breakout-box -- OK, this is where I made the joke about 'sciolism.' I said I 'have a friend who likes big words,' bla bla bla. I'd like to apologize publicly to Travis, who mistakenly thought I was writing about him! I wasn't. I actually wasn't writing about anyone in this APA, honestly. I was writing about a friend outside the APA who fits the description of sciolist way better than Trav. So why write about him? Honestly, I was trying to make a funny. I'm trying to make my zine better. Now that I'm not in charge of the APA, I have more time to focus on my zine. And I want to return it to its full glory; I want to entertain. I want to evoke a laugh from you people. The breakout box is basically my attempt at some brief stand-up comedy in the pages of my zine. So, no, Trav, I wasn't talking about you, and I'm sorry you were pissed off for a day or two before emailing me and asking me about it. I think you do just fine with the 12-point words you use, especially in the context of the APA. After all, this is a literate group. Now, if you were ever eyewitness to my friend who I was pegging as the sciolist (and the conundrum of using the word sciolist -- the dichotomy -- see, that's the FUNNY PART!!!) you'd get what I was saying. *** Michael Turner, RIP. *** FF comic! YES! I'm still happy I did this, but you can really see how I don't take the project seriously until the 5th page or so -- my lettering is just TERRIBLE up until then, and it only gets a little better after that.

AJASONT (Arnett): Hey man! *** Your opening writing, 'On excellence,' seems a little rambly to me. At first I thought it was going to be about church/state, then it's about Bush being a moron and the current election, then about the economy. There are some good thoughts here, it's just not as tight as other things I've read from you -- I'm assuming this was hastily put together, and that's totally cool. *** Good luck with the walking, man. The weather has been gorgeous in Lawrence of late; I hope your knee is better! *** Fight gravity. Always fight it. All our lives. It will be defeated. *** Re: alternative spelling -- I didn't notice you spelled it 'comics' when I read it, but then you made mention of 'comix' and I felt myself get kind of sad. Do what you want, spell it however you want, it's only a word, BUT one thing Pulp Legacy was never intended to do was to make someone assimilate. That's the antithesis of this APA, in my mind, man. And I'm not condemning anyone -- the 'anti-comix conspirators' or you or me or anyone. I just don't want this place to ever dampen someone's creative fire. *** I made dinner tonight and me and my nuclear family (wife, kid, mother-in-law and me) sat around a dining room table and ate. I love those moments. It's my hope that my family will keep that Jones family tradition alive for generations to come. *** This is your 'angry issue,' I think. S'all good! Looking forward to more from you in issue 41.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk (Jones, Bown, Arnett): thanks to all who contributed. It's kind of sad that it had such a limited response, but Will did make mention of it (the KU championship) in his zine, and the other five members I asked, with the exception of Bart, rarely contribute anymore, so no big deal. The idea I had in my mind would have been pretty cool though, I think, as what the three of us came up with is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. Three different Jayhawk fans all sharing what they saw from their perspective. How often do you see literary sports fans sharing a team and writing about it? Kind of an unusual confluence of sports and geek. *** I re-read my excerpt and I'm glad I wrote that... I think there will be some details lost in the next 50 years or so, and I'll hopefully have these personal memories of the 2008 team to look back on. *** Great photo with yours, Copy J! *** I love the background you included about the way Kansas is divided with KU/KSU. *** My favorite sentence of yours was when you wrote, "If you've never experienced the thrill of having 'your team' win the big one, you just don't know what it means to live." That means a lot coming from you, because you're a pretty sage guy in my book, and I wouldn't describe you as a hardcore sports fan... you have other primary hobbies (bad movies being No. 1, from my outsider's perspective). So, to see you write that, that carries a lot of weight to me, and I'm glad you wrote it because it makes me realize that it really is special, I'm not just being a sports nerd, this is really something you have to cherish. *** thanks for getting this in there Copy, I really appreciate your insights on the 2008 season. *** Arnett, I love it! HA! I wasn't the only one who jinxed them -- you and your damn voice message! Whew! Between your voice message, my laundry and the 9-point deficit with two minutes left, it's amazing we overcame it all!!! *** I physically felt the relief when we pushed it to overtime. I KNEW. I turned to my mother-in-law and told her right then, "We're winning this game." You saw Memphis dejectedly walk off the court. You saw Darrell Arthur LEAP to the bench... I'm amazed not that we dominated overtime, but that we didn't accidentally KILL any of the Tigers in OT with a nasty dunk! Lervik called me up, and we were both like, "Dude, this game is over! Memphis is done!" What a great moment. As soon as I'm done posting this, I'm firing up the DVD again. Goddammit, I'm fired up right now!!! *** Thanks for participating Jason, I loved what you had to write!

On that note, I'm out of here. I'm happy I actually fulfilled my promise to get these MCs done -- they've been bothering me for a while. I've got another writing project I NEED to get to, but this one just sort of started happening and now it's done.

I'm looking forward to really diving into issue 41 soon... I've skimmed parts already, and it really does look like a great issue.

Later, all.

Lawrence, Kan.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Check it out! I wonder if we could sell the blog to someone and pay for a year's worth of printing costs for the 'zine?

Vampirella Revamp

You can revamp the Vamp courtesy of Harris Comics and Project: Rooftop

More details here