Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pulp Legacy # 48 now available for download!

The link is to the right, above the cover for issue 47! Also, Zarko will be sending out the email shortly.

Sorry for the delay on this one, we had some issues that had to be dealt with before we went live...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Marvel trivia, anyone?

Some of this stuff is complete crap (it's amazing what people will believe). Some of this is a bit surprising. But it's a decent way to spend a half hour.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Star Wars Burlesque

It's enough to make even me a Star Wars fan:
Personally I like the Stormtrooper best.

And note the link at the top of the article for a slideshow of lots more pictures.

Only in L.A.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2009 Pulpies ballot... VOTE! SOON!!!

Cover of the Year
S is for Springtime … S is for Satan!, Griesbach #44
Machine Man, Heitmeyer, #45
What Would Jacko Do?, Jones #46
Batman, Giordano/Mays #47

Best Interior Art Moment
Photos from Java, Romelle, #44
May’s collaborations (Flash, Captain America, The Ray), Mays, #44
Pain Inside, Mays, #44
Flame of Justice, Jones #44
Dr. Solar, Jones, #44
Marlin’s Boob Pictures, Harris, #44
Jacko Preview, Jones, #45
Amateur Art Cover (Dr. Fate), Mays, #45
Quantum Mechanics Preview, Mays, #45
May’s inked commissions, Mays, #45
Photo of soldiers, Baxter, #46
Quantum Mechanics Preview, Mays #46
Professional Ink Jobs, Mays, #46
The Pros Ink Toby’s Art, Mays, #46
My Pencils, Mays, #46
Commissions, Mays, #46
What Would Jacko Do?, Jones, #46

Best Fiction Story (written or sequential)

Disconnect, Arnett, #44
A strange object appears in Lawrence, Kan., with cryptic riddles

Don’t Take Me Alive, Arnett #44
Another trip to the Well

Ghosts of Constantinople, Sweeten, #44
A Russian General has a conversation with his commanding officer

Pain Inside, Quantum Mechanics, Mays, #44
Minor Threat goes through some tough times

Dr. Solar Makes a (Death) Wish, Jones, #44
Dr. Solar takes a boy fishing

A Snippet I Wrote to Fill a Page, Zaric, #45
A guy is on the run after being double-crossed by a friend

The Receivers, Arnett #45
A group a boys find a mysterious object that grants them powers

Two Hands Arnett, #45
A mechanic falls in love with a witch

The Insulated Man, Arnett #45
A strange, isolated house is the setting of a cosmic conflict

A Deck to Eternity, Mays, #45
A battle with the Devil to build the best deck

The Family Tree, Tyler, #46
A girl climbs a tree only to meet a phoenix

What Would Jacko Do?, Jones, #46
A sequential art story featuring the recently departed Michael Jackson

Summer, Zaric, #46
Bittersweet story about coping with a break-up

Dentin Debacle, Zaric, #46
A sequential script featuring a few members of the Umbrella Academy

A Very Long Walk, Arnett, #47
A compulsive gambler is forced to pay his debt in an unusual way

Sender, Arnett, #47
A futuristic logistics pro gets in trouble

She Has Become Like They Are, Arnett, #47
Another instalment of the Well series as a Seeker goes to the Exchange for a soul


Best Written Work, Single Issue

Who’s on Deck in Kansas, Arnett, #44
Discussion on Kansas’ Kathleen Sebelius

Dog House, Zaric, #44
About getting a dog for the first time

“My Songs” series, Zaric, #44-47
Zarko discusses the meaning of songs important to him

My Mother Takes Me to Air Capital Comics, Jones #44
A young Seth’s world opens up when he discovers a comic store

Two Months in Afghanistan, Baxter, #44
Will is an embedded journalist in Afghanistan

What My Kids Are Up To, Bowen #44
Eric talks about his family

Watchmen #4, Zaric, #45
Zarko uses the written style of Watchmen #4 to discuss his life

Motivation, Zaric, #45
Zarko goes for 10-K run early in the morning

Intellectualism, Arnett, #45
The importance of being appreciative

Captain America #332 Hit the Stands in Waldenbooks, Jones, #45
Seth gets hooked on Cap’s stories

The Summer Edition, Zeppa, #46
Zep recalls good times in the summer

Mar’s Mailing Comments, Harris, Any Issue
Mar continues to set the pace when it comes to detailed, interesting MCs

Eulogy for My Dad, Jones, #47
Seth recounts his eulogy for his father


Best Non-fiction Story

Lessons, Zaric, #44
Zeke’s team loses every hockey game

The State of Things, Sweeten #44
Travis discusses major changes in his life

One Frustrating Day, Jones, #44
Evey barfs in Applebee’s

Marlin at Coachella, Harris #45
A visual diary of Mar’s time at Coachella Music Festival

Worst Purchase – Ever!, Zaric, #45
Zarko gets a new furnace for his house

Up the Mountain, Arnett #45
Jason’s family trip get buggered up by car problems

Daisy Lee Mays 6/17/2009, Mays #46
Toby’s daughter is born at home

Mar’s Comicon Report, Harris, #46
Mar breaks down the most recent San Diego Convention

My Dad’s Battle with Brain Cancer, Jones, #46
Tough times for Seth’s family

Chicago Con 2009, Zaric, #46
Zarko’s take on the Chicago Con

Boston or Bust, Zaric, #46
Zarko’s marathon doesn’t go as well as he would have liked

Back From the Future, Jones, #47
Seth meets his future self

What It’s Like … Having a Beer with Iron Man, Jones, #47
Seth meets Cal Ripken, Jr.

Going, going…!, Zaric, #47
Zarko recounts the day he almost hit a homer


Funniest Moment

Ants are crawling out of Graham’s laptop, Roemmele, #44
Ants infest Graham’s computer

Roger’s Profanisaurus, Roemmele, #44
Kooky British terms and their American translations

The Ozymandias of One Group, Jones, #44
Seth is crowned the smartest golf turf industry editor

An Interview with Marlan Harris 03/10/09, Harris, #44
Marlan interviews himself

Marlan Cuts His Hair, Harris #44
Before and after shots of Mar

An Interview With Marlan Harris 06/04/09, Harris, #45
Marlan interviews himself -- again

The Last Ride of Captain Fabulous … Maybe, Littlejohn, #45
Bart’s birthday celebration

Things I learned in Chicago 2009, Spendlove, #46
Tom recounts 2009’s Chicago Comicon

A Potato Peeler that Cost More than My Car, Jones, #46
Seth uses new math to figure out his car is a better deal

The PL Crew See Three Naked Chicks, Zaric, #46
You had to see it to believe it

Mar and Seth’s Comicon Sketches, Harris/Jones, #46
Drunken doodles while sitting in a Hooters in San Diego

Marlan Harris Tour Rider - 2009, Harris #47
If you want Mar to show up, you better get the items on this list

Kia’s son is a chilli dog, Tyler, #47
Kia’s son asks for an unusual Halloween costume

Where I Stand on It, Bowen, #47
CJ tells us what he really thinks about Pink Floyd


Best Blog Post (

Batman as “order”, Jones, 2/23/09
Seth argues against the comparison of Batman as “order,” Joker as “chaos,” then lists his top 10 comic book rivalries

Which is the better trilogy?, Sweeten, 2/25/09 Travis compares the Lord of the Rings trilogy with the Star Wars trilogy

How much Watchmen stuff do we need?, Jones, 3/2/09
Seth wonders if the marketing machine is going overboard with the Watchmen products

For Super-Friends fans, Harris, 3/5/09
Marlan shares photos of a Warner Bros. building mid-construction, being turned into the Hall of Justice

Who watches Wizard? Jones, 5/11/09 Seth predicts the demise of Wizard magazine

Jaystalker, Littlejohn/Bowen/Jones, 7/28/09
Bart is stalked by a giant Jayhawk in this YouTube video

Where the Wild Things Are, Arnett, 10/18/09
Arnett reviews the movie

Another dangerous idea, Arnett, 10/20/09
Arnett suggests we pay our favourite creators up-front to keep them doing comics

Rediscovered comics, Jones, 12/14/09
Seth talks about a box of comics he rediscovered in a YouTube video


Best Use of CD-ROM Medium

My Songs, Zaric, various issues
Zaric writes about why a song is significant to him, includes the song

Half-Formed Thoughts, Arnett, #44
A video set to music with captioned quick-reviews, where Arnett shows us what comics he’s been reading

Motivation, Bowen, #45
Happy Boy!

Steve Earle plays “My Old Friend the Blues”, Bowen, # 46
Eric includes a song with his concert review

Pulp Legacy # 721, Jones/Littlejohn/Bowen/Harris/Baxter/Zaric, #47
Another broadcast from the future, this one starring four members (and one member cameo) of PL

Best Reviewer

(write-in – first place) _________________________________
(write-in – second place) _________________________________
(write-in – third place) _________________________________

Best Designed ‘Zine

(write-in – first place) _________________________________
(write-in – second place) _________________________________
(write-in – third place) _________________________________

Best MC’er

(write-in – first place) _________________________________
(write-in – second place) _________________________________
(write-in – third place) _________________________________

‘Zine of the Year

(write-in – first place) _________________________________
(write-in – second place) _________________________________
(write-in – third place) _________________________________

Make your own pulpys:

(worst attitude, most likely to get hit by a bus, most typos, etc.)

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This is kinda cool:Or look at it closer at:

Apparently there's now sex in the Marvel Universe.